Wednesday, July 27, 2011


On Monday, viewings of my music video The Skeptic in the Room hit the 20,000 mark - a milestone I would have acknowledged prior to this, except that I had to leave for a business trip to Washington DC that morning, and have been too busy to write a blog post. I’ve been looking forward to to this meaningless and arbitrary milestone for some time. I had hoped I’d reach it in time for the Amazing Meeting 9 in Las Vegas two weeks ago but, alas, I was still about a hundred views short at that time.  Still, I’m pleased to have reached it now, and I thank the thousands of skeptics, free-thinkers, atheists and other disturbed souls who have taken the time to watch my video, the 109 people who have commented on it, and the 424 who have, as of tonight, “liked” it on YouTube (hell, I even thank the seven cantankerous souls who ‘disliked’ it!).

As I said, this is an arbitrary and largely meaningless milestone, but in the spirit of good pseudoscience, let me try to imbue it with some kind of meaning.  20,000 views of an eight-minute video means that people on this planet have spent 160,000 minutes, 2,607 hours or 111 days watching my silly little song about being the skeptic who confronts people about their silly beliefs. That’s a lot of lost man-hours and, for that, I humbly apologize!  

On the other hand, its only 2% of the time people have spent watching this video of a cute kitten, so perhaps I have nothing to apologize for!

Thanks again, everyone, and I’m glad you enjoyed the song!

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