Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Ewoks Are Not Dancing (Anymore)

A while back I was talking about Star Wars with my son James. We were speculating about what might have happened to Luke, Han, Leia and the gang after the dramatic conclusion to Episode six. Obviously, with the evil empire defeated, the Jedi re-established and order restored to the Galaxy, Luke and his cohorts would usher in a benevolent new system of Galactic government and everyone would live happily ever after. Right?

Ah, but what if that didn’t happen?

What if our heroes were well equipped to win the war, but not to win the peace? What if Han and Leia’s wartime love waned in the boring aftermath of ordinary existence? What if Luke turned out to be just another middle-management loser who couldn’t recreate his wartime heroics or deal with social forces beyond his control?

This line of thought led, as it often does with me, to a song. So, here is The Ewoks Are NotDancing (Anymore), a dystopian view of the Star Wars future, as told from Luke’s point of view thirty years after the exciting climax of Episode Six.


(Oh, and I want to thank James for providing the outstanding guitar solo – it’s a cut above the usual guitar work in my songs!)

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