Monday, March 5, 2012

There is Nothing Like Science

I have sometimes been accused of being a cynic; and that’s not really too far from the truth. And my cynicism does come through in many of the songs I’ve written over the years.

So I thought I ought to write a completely positive song about my worldview:  a song that captures my belief the world we live in is explainable and understandable through science and reason…and that that is awesome!

The result is a new song called There is Nothing Like Science.  It’s a little ditty composed to honor science, scientists and the benefits to mankind that science has delivered.

The song is lighthearted and, hopefully, amusing, but there are a few things you really don’t need to point out to me, including:

  •  I know that the scientific breakthroughs mentioned in the song are rendered simplistically – it’s way too simplistic to say that Baekland “gave us plastics,” for example. And I know that the story of Newton deducing the principles of gravity from the impact of a falling apple is a myth. And… well, I won’t go on.
  • I’m aware of the fact that every product and aspect of “science” is not an unmitigated good for mankind. But guess how we fix the mistakes that get made along the way: more science.

So, those caveats aside, here is There is Nothing Like Science. Probably not the greatest song ever written, but I did get to play both the banjo and the Jews harp on it, which is not something that happens every day!


  1. Thanks for the fun song! I love it.
    I posted this on The Richard Dawkins website.

    The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science

    1. Hey, thanks for posting this to the RDF site. It certainly led to a huge increase in viewings (from about 20 to 2,400 in two days - not bad for a silly five minute song about science!). See you in DC...

  2. Are you going to the Reason Rally? If so, stop by the RDF tent and say, "hi."