Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Meaningless (well, not to me) Milestone!

Just a quick note to acknowledge that, this week, viewings of The Skeptic in the Room, topped the 25,000 mark! It means little in the big scheme of things, of course, but is very gratifying. Thanks to all those who have watched, re-watched, tweeted about and (hopefully) enjoyed my contribution to the skeptical movement.

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  1. Hacksaw Ridge: to me it's very personal I was born in the 96th ID. All those boys are my God fathers, my guardian angels. Doss carried 75 men to a cliff and lowered them down to safety. have you ever carried 200 lb of dead weight and lowered them down a cliff. oh with bullets flying past you? I am big tough guy without fear, I couldn't do it. Doss said he asked for help.....he got plenty of it. Who was helping him? He says GOD, you know how those dumb hill billys lie. Get your nose out of that school book and look around.