Monday, April 16, 2012

My Greatest Skeptical Hits ("Hits" Being a Relative Term)

I want to thank Richard Saunders for featuring my new song Mighty Mystic Power Bracelets on his week’s Skeptic Zone podcast. It was quite a thrill to hear my music on such a respected podcast!

And, just in case you are finding their way to my blog for the first time as a result of the Skeptic Zone podcast, I thought I’d put links to some of my more popular songs from my skeptic’s songbook (not that the “Skeptic's songbook” actually exists…yet!).

So, if you’re a skeptic, and interested in some music that playfully espouses the rational and scientific point of view, here are a few of my videos you might enjoy:

The Skeptic in the Room

I have been writing all kinds of songs for a long time, but a little over a year ago I decided to start trying to write specifically about my skeptical worldview. The first song I posted is The Skeptic in the Room.  This nine-minute ditty describes the experiences a skeptic often has when confronting a friend or acquaintance about their pseudoscientific beliefs.

Shortly after I posted this song in January of 2011, the video was featured on a host of skeptical websites and achieved something like viral success. This surprised and thrilled me, and I am very grateful to all those members of the skeptical community who featured, liked and helped promote it.

There is Nothing Like Science

This song is the ideological flipside to The Skeptic in the Room.  Where that song focuses on things I find unreasonable or pseudoscientific, this one happily expresses my belief that the world is made comprehensible and infinitely better through science, reason and logic.

This video was featured on the Richard Dawkins Foundation website, which is kind of a thrill in and of itself, as having my work affiliated in any way, however tangential, with the name Richard Dawkins is pretty awesome!

The Conspiracy Song

As with all varieties of pseudoscience, I find myself skeptical of virtually all conspiracy theories - especially the “big” ones like elaborate Kennedy assassination theories and one world governments and trutherism and…well, you get the idea.  These are conspiracies so vast that logic dictates they would be virtually impossible in reality, given the large number of people who would be required to keep secrets in a world where almost nobody (and certainly no government body) can keep a secret at all!  So, a song…

Thank You God

I have always been annoyed by athletes who wear their religiosity on their sleeves, crediting their or their team’s success to the influence of the Almighty.  In this song I try to posit a few questions that I find very reasonable – in a nutshell, I’m saying “Hey, God, all that infinite power and knowledge and you’re messing around fixing football games?! Really?!!”

Turtle Science

This song actually predates all of the others listed here. It came to me while listening to several science and skepticism podcasts a few years ago (and I’ve incorporated bits of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe crew in the video).  The discussions were about a new fossil discovered in China and the light it shed (or maybe not) on turtle evolution.  The consensus of opinion was that turtle science will never be the same again.  This song is silly, but I quite like it.

Mighty Mystic Power Bracelets

And that brings us, once again, to my latest effort, a little song about those magical, mystical energy bracelets that are supposed to improve one’s balance, flexibility and well-being.  Um, they don’t, actually.

I have other songs posted, which you can find at my YouTube channel (  But these are the ones of which I am proudest.  And keep checking back, as more music of a skeptical nature will be forthcoming.  

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