Monday, April 9, 2012

New Song: Mighty Mystic Power Bracelets

Few things get a skeptic's heart pounding the way some pervasive bit of pseudoscience worms its way into public acceptance.  And, along with homeopathy and other forms of alternative medicine, one of the most pervasively accepted pseudoscientific success stories is the widespread use of "energy bands" by athletes, coaches and even my dentist.

Here in California's Capitol city of Sacramento, our little basketball arena last year sold its naming rights to one of the companies promoting this nonsense, and is now known as Power Balance Pavilion, to the great shame of our city (in my humble opinion).

So, while I can't really do anything about that situation, I can write a song about these miraculous bits of rubber, which is what I've done.  And here it is:

You can find more of my songs at my YouTube Channel:

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