Thursday, March 24, 2011

Skeptoid Goes Lyrical!

Anyone who is part of the formal Skeptical movement is no doubt aware of the host of popular podcasts that are out there.  Not only are podcasts like the Skeptics Guide to the Universe and Skepticality highly entertaining, but they are also extremely educational.  One of my favorites, since becoming aware of this evolving movement a few years ago, has been Skeptoid. It is a weekly podcast hosted by one Brian Dunning. In weekly bite-sized increments, Brian tackles issues ranging from the goofily bizarre to the plausibly scientific and lays out the pros and cons, before always encouraging listeners to do the research and make up their own minds.  It’s always interesting and educational and often downright brilliant.

And every now and then, Brian does something off the wall – like this week’s journey through the twin histories of music and knowledge called, fittingly, “The History of Knowledge.”  The piece features a series of songs in various historical styles, each focusing on a bit of pseudoscience or woo.  It’s pretty amazing.

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